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EMPATIA founder and Creative Director

Mafalda spent much of her adolescence raiding her mother's closet.

Not only for the fascination of being able to wear high quality pieces, but also because, by wearing those clothes, she could see in herself a bit of her mother: her role model - for being a mother and a lot more.

Without realizing it, and as the years went by, Mafalda also became a mother and a lot more.

And in that "much more", the inner desire to transform her influence into something bigger.

Something that could make other women as empowered as she felt wearing the clothes that once made her so confident and dreamy.

Mafalda Sampaio is one of Portugal's most successful digital entrepreneurs and, now, an active voice in the defense and support of women and children.

Why not bring the nostalgia of her mother's closet into our day?

Bring the power of the impeccably cut pieces that always seemed to fit perfectly?

But it couldn't be just that. Somehow, these pieces had to bring something with them.

Something that went far beyond the closet, that generated


Spontaneity and irreverence have always fed Mafalda's convictions. Using our influence to inspire and motivate love for others is a generous act. But also of great empathy.

And so EMPATIA was born. From the full conviction that we can use our power to empower others.

We are more powerful when we empower each other.

Therefore, EMPATIA is not about fashion

But rather,

about causes, community and empowerment.