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EMPATIA is a Portuguese brand that was born from the desire to create a meaningful
approach to fashion by offering high-quality products and promoting a dialogue around
relevant social topics.

Founded by Mafalda Sampaio, our creative director, and inspired by her connection with
fashion through emotional memories from her mother’s style, our brand aims to be a vehicle
of empathy
in each step of the way.

Based on the timelessness, versatility and elegance of classics, each piece personifies the
modern woman and represents the mastery of Portuguese craftsmanship.

Passing from generation to generation, the savoir-faire behind the production process is key
to ensure the level of excellence we offer in each collection.

Made in the best Portuguese factories, by the most talented hands, each piece is a result of
a personalized work that begins with just an idea and becomes much more than a product. It
becomes a full story of wisdom, technique and passion.

Sourcing and using the best raw materials is a commitment to high-quality that ensures:
durability, comfort and aesthetics. In combination with a carefully developed design process,
these characteristics allow us to create the perfect fit for each EMPATIA piece.

With the different body structures in mind, each silhouette is a result of the expertise of a
talented team that is committed to honor the trust of each one of our customers.