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Our sustainable commitments

Our concrete sustainable actions and goals.

01. Luxury ready to wear

How many times have we bought a piece of clothing that we've never worn?

How many times have we followed trends and after a short time, the piece has lost its timeliness?

We are not just a fashion brand, we don't follow trends, nor do we design collections. 

EMPATIA capsules are designed to last a lifetime, to tell a story, to live with us in every occasion. We combine our elegant and feminine design with a timeless je ne sais quois, in order to create an original yet versatile wardrobe, independent of trends and seasonality.

02. Quality

Our pieces could perfectly be included in a capsule wardrobe. The kind that we (re)mix every day without boredom or complications. 

The key ingredient to the functionality of a capsule wardrobe is the quality, the fit, the subtlety with which it draws our body and makes us comfortable.

And confident!

For this, we invest in the quality of Portuguese fabrics, a guarantee seal that reinforces the durability of our products, allowing the integration of the brand in a circular fashion logic, enhancing the prolonged use that passes from generation to generation.

03. Local Production

We know our entire production chain personally. We support local production and our community. 

We only work with factories that can be held to the highest standards of social responsibility and labour policies. His synergy allows us to have the flexibility to produce in small quantities, avoiding deadstock.

We seek expertise.

We believe we are never too small to make a difference.

04. The Atelier

At the Showroom you will be able to truly feel the quality of our pieces, choose your ideal size and ask all the questions you want.